Check-in Challenge

Check-ins are a fun way to capture and share your experiences at businesses around town.

Every time you check in at a business, you are showing love and support for them and helping foster a stronger sense of local community.

Businesses can offer promotions for when you check in at their location at specific times.

Contest Action Prize Ends

Check-in Challenge

Every check-in photo gets you 3 entries

Every account you follow gets you 1 entry

Sept 30

Win tickets to CU Buffs vs USC game on Sept 30

Every check-in photo gets you 3 entries

Every liked video gets you 1 entry

2 tickets to the big game
Sept 29

All check-ins and your follows can be applied to all active contests.

The winner will be announced in the Nigh app and on our Instagram (nigh_local) within 24 hours of the contest ending. 

Must be a good-quality check-in photo to be eligible to win.

Check-in photos should include your face visible at the identifiable selected location. It’s great if you include local business employees, their product or service, and friends in your check-in photo too. It’s all about building a strong local community.

Check-in photos are not eligible to win if they do not include the user’s full face, if the selected location is not identifiable, or it’s a poor quality or inappropriate photo. An example of an ineligible check-in photo is someone taking a picture of the business while driving by in their car.